Best Engagement Tampa Photography Locations

Discover the Best Tampa Photography Locations for Engagement Photoshoots

Are you looking for the perfect backdrop for your next photoshoot in Tampa? As one of Florida’s most picturesque cities, Tampa is home to a wealth of stunning photography locations that can help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

As a professional photographer with years of experience in the Tampa Bay Area, I have captured hundreds of unforgettable moments in some of the best locations in and around the city. In this article, I want to share with you my favorite 15 Tampa photography locations, each with its unique charm and beauty.


  1. Cypress Point Park

    If you’re looking for a picturesque waterfront view for your photoshoot, then Cypress Point Park is the perfect location for you. This 51-acre park is located in the Westshore area of Tampa and offers breathtaking views of the Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas.

  1. Lettuce Lake Park

    Lettuce Lake Park is a serene and tranquil nature reserve located in north Tampa. The park is known for its dense greenery, scenic boardwalks, and a diverse range of wildlife, including alligators and turtles.

  1. The University of Tampa

    The University of Tampa is a popular photography location for its stunning architectural designs and scenic views of the Hillsborough River. The campus is home to many historic buildings and picturesque courtyards that make for beautiful photo opportunities.

  1. Ybor City

    If you’re looking for a more urban and cultural vibe for your photoshoot, then Ybor City is the perfect location for you. Known as Tampa’s historic Latin Quarter, Ybor City is home to many colorful murals, historic buildings, and a lively atmosphere.

  1. Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

    Located in downtown Tampa, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is a stunning location for outdoor photography. The park features beautiful views of the Hillsborough River, scenic walking trails, and an urban beach area.

  1. The Tampa Riverwalk

    The Tampa Riverwalk is a scenic pedestrian walkway that runs along the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa. The Riverwalk is known for its stunning views of the Tampa skyline, waterfront views, and public art installations.

  1. Hollis Gardens

    Hollis Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden located in Lakeland, just a short drive from Tampa. The garden features over 10,000 flowers, plants, and trees, as well as stunning fountains and water features.

    Hollis Gardens Engagement Photographer

  1. Bayshore Boulevard

    Bayshore Boulevard is a scenic waterfront road that stretches for 4.5 miles along the Hillsborough Bay. The boulevard is home to many beautiful parks, historic homes, and stunning waterfront views, making it the perfect location for a waterfront photoshoot.

  1. Tampa Theatre

    Tampa Theatre is a historic movie palace located in downtown Tampa. The theatre is known for its stunning interior designs, including a starry sky ceiling and ornate balconies, making it the perfect location for a vintage-themed photoshoot.

  1. The Florida Botanical Gardens

    The Florida Botanical Gardens is a 90-acre botanical garden located in Largo, just a short drive from Tampa. The garden features over 20 distinct garden areas, including a butterfly garden, a tropical fruit garden, and a native plant garden.

  1. Armature Works

    Located in the heart of Tampa, Armature Works offers an industrial aesthetic that is perfect for capturing the city’s urban vibe. This historic building has been restored to feature chic modern décor and several unique spaces that can be used as backdrops for your photoshoot. The rooftop bar provides a stunning view of the Tampa skyline, which makes for a great backdrop during the golden hour. Additionally, the brick walls, wooden floors, and natural light provide a great setting for any engagement or family photography.

  1. Bayshore Boulevard

    Stretching for miles along the Hillsborough Bay, Bayshore Boulevard is a scenic spot that offers picturesque views of the water and the Tampa skyline. It is a popular location for running, biking, and enjoying sunsets. As such, it is also a great spot for photography. The iconic Tampa General Hospital makes for a stunning background in photos, and the palm trees lining the road provide a tropical feel.

  1. Gasparilla Island State Park

    Located off the coast of Tampa, Gasparilla Island State Park offers a unique location for a photography session. The park is accessible only by boat and features white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. The island’s lighthouse provides a unique backdrop and a great photo opportunity.

  1. Cypress Point Park

    Cypress Point Park is located on the west coast of Tampa Bay and offers a unique blend of nature and cityscape. The park features a long boardwalk that leads to a white sandy beach, and the view of the Tampa skyline in the distance provides a unique contrast. The park also features a mangrove swamp that provides a natural setting for photos.

  1. Apollo Beach

    Apollo Beach is located in the southern part of Tampa Bay and is a great spot for beach photography. The beach features white sand and clear blue water, and the view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the distance provides a unique backdrop for photos. The beach is also a popular spot for birdwatching, so you may even be able to capture some unique shots of the local wildlife.

In conclusion, Tampa Bay is a beautiful and diverse location that offers a range of unique and picturesque spots for photography. From beaches and parks to urban backdrops and historic landmarks, there is no shortage of locations to choose from. Whether you’re planning an engagement, family, or portrait photoshoot, the best Tampa photography locations listed above are sure to provide you with memorable and beautiful photos. Book your photo session with Captured by Mallary to capture your special moments and make your memories last forever.

Thank you for reading, and happy shooting!


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