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Tips for Taking Headshots – Captured by Mallary

Tips for Professional Headshots

Looking for professional headshots? Headshots are essential for anyone who is the face of a business. Most people think they only need headshots if they are a business owner. This is a misconception that we must correct. Headshots are not only a visual representation of you. They show what your future and current clients can expect from you and the business you are representing.

Meet Micheline B. A well known hairstylist located right here in Tampa Florida. When Michelle booked her headshot photo shoot with Captured by Mallary, she wanted to show her current and future clients that she is ultimate choice. In order to do so, she searched for a photographer that was local, professional and knowledgable.

A Few Tips When Booking A Professional Headshot Session

Before booking your professional headshot photo shoot:

  • Have a clear vision in mind
  • Research local photographers (read all reviews)
  • Contact the photographer and explain your vision to ensure they can deliver what you expect

Once you book your photo session:

First, get all of your things in order (wardrobe, nail, hair and makeup appointments, etc.). Next, map out location and route and give yourself at least 20 minutes of spare time (for any inconveniences). Then, try on everything before the session and make sure it fits and you feel comfortable. Finally, arrive on time (or early)

After the session:

  • Leave a review (be honest)
  • Tag photographer in any posts

**Please remember that your wardrobe, hair, and backdrop color all are important. They determine what your clients think of you and the business your work for.

So, have you ever taken professional headshot photos? What should your headshot say about you? If you are looking for a professional headshot photographer near me in Tampa, Florida, pease contact Mallary Denson:

Check out FAQS for answers to any questions you may have before you book.

Remember, once you book your headshot session, please read how to prepare for your session for a few more tips.

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