How to Prepare for Photo Shoot

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How to prepare for your photo shoot:

I know preparing for a professional photo shoot can be difficult. I am here to put your mind at ease. Below you will find key information that will help you get the most out of your session. These are all suggestions that I strongly encourage you look consider before your photo shoot. These are not in order of importance, but are all essential factors of a successful photo session.

Helpful Tips:

ATTITUDE: Great attitude and confidence makes the best photos. BE READY TO HAVE FUN, LAUGH AND HAVE A GREAT EXPERIENCE!– I cannot stress this enough. Your attitude shines through each image. It is up to you to ensure that your best self is represented in each image. So bring your best attitude and smile and get ready to have a great time.

MAKE-UP: Proper make-up application is essential. I suggest leaving this to a professional. Schedule it at least 3 hours prior to your session to avoid rushing or being late.

HAIR: Make sure your hair is photoshoot ready when you arrive; bring brush and hair ties, in case of a windy day;

RED EYES: Please use Visine prior to shoot to reduce this effect.

LIPS: Bring extra lipstick/ lip gloss to touch up your lips throughout the shoot.

NAILS: A fresh coat of polish or freshly manicured nails are the only two options. Be sure to touch up the toe nails as well.

UNDERGARMENTS: Wear appropriate undergarments to suit your outfit(s). Shapers and slips are strongly encouraged if you are wearing form fitting outfits. Keep in mind that your bra should be concealed under your clothing.

IRONING: If you iron, iron the night before and hang your clothes up. If you are wearing something that wrinkles easily, bring it to the shoot and change into it once you are at the location.

I hope this helps you understand how you can prepare for your photo shoot!


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