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Welcome to Captured by Mallary!

Hi there! I'm Mallary, the passionate photographer behind Captured by Mallary. For me, photography isn't just about snapping pictures—it's about capturing moments and creating memories that last a lifetime. Let me share a bit about my journey and what makes my approach unique.

My Journey

My love for photography began in high school with the yearbook club, where I discovered the joy of documenting special events and everyday moments. This passion continued to grow as I became an elementary school teacher. I often found myself taking photos of my students during class activities and parent-teacher meetings. Parents frequently complimented my work and asked for copies, which made me realize how much I enjoyed capturing those precious moments.

Family Influence

Photography became a significant part of my life at family gatherings and events. My relatives quickly noticed my knack for taking candid and heartfelt photos, and I often became the unofficial family photographer. These experiences not only honed my skills but also deepened my love for photography.

Hobbies and Interests

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me indulging in my favorite hobby: car karaoke. I love singing along to 90s R&B hits, with "50 First Dates" being my go-to movie soundtrack for drives. These fun and vibrant interests add a joyful touch to my personality, which I bring to every photoshoot.

Why Choose Me?

Choosing me as your photographer means working with someone who truly values your memories. My background as a teacher has equipped me with patience, creativity, and an eye for detail, ensuring every session is enjoyable and stress-free. I take the time to get to know each client, ensuring your personality and vision are beautifully captured in every photo.

Ready to capture your special moments? I'd love to work with you! Contact me today to schedule your session and experience the difference of having a photographer who genuinely cares about your memories.

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