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Tampa Anniversary Portraits


This couple session was done at the beautiful University of Tampa (also known as UT). UT is known for it’s castle-like appearance. Located right in downtown Tampa, you have so many backdrop options. Waterfront, got it! City life, got it! Greenery, you, got it! UT is perfect for family portraits, couple sessions, branding photos, maternity shoots, whatever you can think of, it has you covered. It is very spacious, but every thing you need is within walking distance.

This beautiful couple has been together for 8 months. I know that does not seem like a long time, but 8 months during the pandemic has to be equivalent to 5 years in the real world. Despite the challenges we all faced in 2020, these two held each other tight and focused on the things they could control, how they treated one another. The subtle touches, Rio whispering in Rachel’s ear, making each other laugh, Rachel paying attention to every word Gio speaks. This photo shoot revealed so much about their authentic love and care for one another.

Throughout this couple session, Rachel and Gio played Marvin Gaye and MoTown tunes. They danced and Rachel eve blessed us with her God sent vocals as the posed for the photo shoot. This portrait session was one of my favorites. They were all over each other in such a way that several passerby’s stopped to enjoy this outdoor portrait session. As I mentioned earlier, their love was definitely present that day and I truly enjoyed capturing each moment.

What Would Your Session Look Like?

If I photographed you and your partner, what would that look like? Would you be all over one another like Rachel and Gio? Would you all laugh at each other? Or would you both be nervous? Have minor disagreements about who’s messing up the most? I would love to work with youand create amazing portraits at the University of Tampa.

Mallary Denson Singing with Camera

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